Alpha Epsilon Pi - Santa Cruz
Sigma Zeta


Philanthropy is an important part of our organization.


how have we made a difference?

At the 97th Anniversary Convention in New Orleans in August of 2010, Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers fulfilled a pledge of $225,000 to three philanthropic organizations. This pledge was supposed to be completed in five years, but was finished one year early. After presenting these three organizations with their donations, Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers were shown presentations for seven new philanthropies. The original plan was to vote for three favorite organizations to become AEPi's new official philanthropies. However, in a formal discussion prior to voting, an outstanding brother suggested that AEPi should not neglect any charity and should embrace any organization willing to help others. Without hesitation, over 400 Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers erupted in cheers and applause unanimously voting to donate $700,000 to all seven organizations over the next seven years. Alpha Epsilon Pi is well on its way to accomplishing such an incredible goal!

what's to come?

This year, we have a plethora of events planned for the fall, winter, and spring quarters, one of which is the Winter Greek Classic. It's a basketball tournament between the fraternities at UC Santa Cruz to raise money for four local Santa Cruz charities: Walnut Avenue Family and Women's Center, Santa Cruz Homeless Services Center, Boys and Girls Club, and Save Our Shores.

Apart from charity efforts, the brothers of AEPi are often motivated by causes important to them, and we always band together to help them. Every spring, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, we hold our annual Walk to Remember. Throughout the day, we march around the UCSC campus in complete silence to commemorate the millions of Holocaust victims who were denied a voice.

With all these charitable events planned, 2017 promises to be one of the most fulfilling years Santa Cruz AEPi has seen yet.