Alpha Epsilon Pi - Santa Cruz
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Learn more about what it's like to rush.


what is rush?

Rush stirs the fraternity into action at the beginning of each semester. Rush is our fraternity's opportunity to meet new students (or older students with budding interest in fraternity life), and their opportunity to meet us. Students who attend various rush events are those that are interested in getting to know the brothers of AEPi. It is a student's chance to decide if they enjoy spending time with the brotherhood and if they would accept a bid, a formal offer to begin learning about and becoming a member in the fraternity, from us. Likewise, the brothers attend rush to meet people who are interested in joining the fraternity and to judge who they would like to offer bids to, which men we believe can add to the legacy that is AEPi. Rushing a fraternity is not an obligation to join, but just an opportunity for you to come out and have a good time. Rush concludes with AEPi's offers of bids to various students, the first step on the road to brotherhood.

who attends rush?

The easy answer: Anybody who loves to have fun.

The more complete answer: There are two types of people that attend our rush events. Everyone is invited to join us in our festivities, and many people come just to have fun. There is also the group of people interested in learning about life with AEPi; those people make an extra effort to attend rush events and to spend time talking with brothers. Oftentimes a person will not initially have the intention of rushing a fraternity but will enjoy the events so much that their interest begins to grow. So there is no need to attend a rush event with the intention of eventually receiving a bid, but be forewarned: our brotherhood is temptingly fun.


interested in rushing?

If you are interested in rushing AEPi, have a rush recommendation, or just a have a question, please complete our rush recommendation form. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about rush and our organization in general!